The 2017 Honda Ridgeline Cargo Capacity Offers More

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    Truck drivers have certain expectations, like having room for all their gear in their new pickup. While some midsize trucks skimp on storage, we think Mid-Missouri drivers will be impressed by the 2017 Honda Ridgeline cargo capacity. More than just a spacious truck bed, the Ridgeline brings back popular pickup features drivers loved from the previous generation—like a lockable in-bed trunk—and adds to them with versatile cabin storage features.

    Between the cab and the bed, you’ll have plenty of space for tools, camping gear, off-road adventure equipment, and more.

Cabin Storage

Truck drivers look to the truck bed for cargo, we know, but we want to focus on what the 2017 Honda Ridgeline cabin cargo capacity is like. With seating for up to five passengers, the crew cab design is spacious, but it converts to cargo room in seconds when you need it. It’s got you covered, whether your truck bed is filled with work gear or you need to keep a new flat-screen TV or other gift sheltered from the weather.


Honda Ridgeline

Console Storage: Multiple charging ports are located right in the center console between the seats, and this bin has enough room to store a 10-inch tablet. The result is a spacious compartment to store a smartphone, wallet, or purse for a drive, and the convenient charging ports ensure your gadgets have full batteries without tangling cords all over the cab.

Honda Ridgeline

60/40-Split Folding Rear Seat: Three passengers can comfortably sit in the rear seat of the Ridgeline, but if you need more space for cargo, fold up part or all of the seat and set it right on the cab floor. With the seat folded up, you can fit a full-size bike or a new flat-screen TV and still have space left over.

Honda Ridgeline

Rear Under-Seat Storage: The fold-up rear seats are nice, but even if you have five passengers in your Ridgeline, there’s room for bags and essentials under the rear seat, with 2.9 cubic feet of space.


With 109.7 cubic feet of passenger space available, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline cab should have plenty of room for friends, family, and cargo.

Heavy-Duty Truck Bed

It’s clear that the 2017 Honda Ridgeline cargo capacity was a prime concern when building the cab of the new pickup, and the same is true for the truck bed. Honda has brought back many of the bed features previous Ridgeline drivers loved, including the in-bed anchors and in-bed storage, adding a dual-action tailgate and upgrading the composite bed material.

Here’s a quick look at how the new and improving truck bed features help out with your cargo needs:


Honda RidgelineHidden Wheel Wells: The average midsize pickup doesn’t have room in the bed for standard construction materials like drywall or plywood, forcing them to lay at an angle. The wheel wells of the Ridgeline have been engineered so you can slide a 4-foot-wide sheet right down the center of the bed, flat.

Honda Ridgeline

Deep Bed: Fill the truck bed up with your necessary tools, including large drill and saw cases, full-size tool boxes, and 5-gallon buckets, with room left over. Hard and soft tonneau covers can close the bed off from the elements and still leave plenty of room underneath.

Honda Ridgeline

In-Bed Trunk: Honda’s pickup has an exclusive in-bed trunk that offers 7.3 cubic feet of storage space for important tools and valuables. A drain in the bottom of the trunk makes it easy to clean—and easy to drain water from, if you need a cooler for the next tailgate.

Honda Ridgeline

A traditional tailgate that folds right down in line with the truck bed might be great for unloading some cargo, but it makes things awkward when hopping up into the truck bed. The dual-action tailgate lets your tailgate fold down or open to the side for maximum convenience.>

Honda Ridgeline

SMC Composite Bed: A typical steel bed will need a bed liner to protect it from even minor scuffs and scrapes, but the Ridgeline’s SMC composite plastic bed is designed for heavy wear and tear, hiding scratches with ease.

Honda Ridgeline

In-Bed Tie-Downs: Secure large or unwieldy cargo with just a few ropes or bungie cords thanks to the standard in-bed tie-downs of the Ridgeline. Mounted to the truck bed, these anchors promise to keep your possessions secure.


With 33.9 cubic feet of space in the truck bed, another 7.3 cubic feet in the trunk, and a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds on Ridgeline AWD models, we think Honda’s new pickup has made its case for being the best midsize truck for Mid-Missouri drivers.

Test Drive the Ridgeline

The best way to see what the 2017 Honda Ridgeline cargo capacity is capable of is to see it in person and take a test drive. Visit a Mid-Missouri Honda Dealer near you today to get behind the wheel of one of the Ridgeline’s trims and find the right truck for your needs.

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