Signs Your Hybrid Honda Needs Maintenance

Published: 05-30-2023

Honda Dealers Blog Post

All Honda models, including the latest 2023 hybrids, require seasonal maintenance to ensure they are in the best driving conditions possible. Don’t let the Missouri summer heat beat your car down. Stopping into your local Mid-Missouri Honda Dealer for inspections and tune-ups guarantees reliable service and certified OEM Honda replacement parts.

The available Honda Service Pass also provides interested drivers additional coverage and offers access to unlimited maintenance for their first two years or 24,000 miles of ownership.

When it comes to car maintenance, knowing how to spot the warning signs of car troubles can help motorists to prevent costly repairs. Below are some indicators for hybrid Honda owners to keep an eye out for.

Battery Life

Unfortunately, hybrid batteries aren’t designed to last an eternity. The batteries found in your Hybrid Accord or CR-V should give drivers a healthy 10 years or 100,000 miles of service before needing to be inspected and possibly replaced. Honda batteries are covered by an 8-year warranty, should the battery need to be replaced early.

Warning Lights

Dashboard warning lights bring attention to vehicle issues regarding old age or malfunction. We recommend bringing your hybrid model to your nearest Honda Service Center as soon as possible for necessary repairs and replacements.

Charging Issues

Hybrid batteries that can’t hold a charge or fluctuate drastically after charging can be a serious problem. Our helpful team can efficiently troubleshoot the problem to see if it’s a simple connection issue or if a brand-new battery is needed.

Fuel Efficiency

Lower fuel efficiency in a hybrid typically means that the battery isn’t functioning properly and more gas is used to drive the car. Our skilled technicians can get hybrid engines and batteries working properly for higher MPG ratings.

Bring Your Hybrid Honda To Your Local Mid-Missouri Honda Dealers

We’re always happy to help drivers get their hybrid vehicles back into flawless condition. Visit your nearest Mid-Missouri Honda Dealers in Jackson, Okemos, and Grand Blanc or nearby areas today to learn more about seasonal hybrid maintenance and the available Honda Service Pass. You can also do a quick Google search for "Car dealers near me" and choose the closest Honda dealer to you, so our service department will be able to offer a hand.

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