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Ford Discontinuing Sedans

Anyone looking forward to the latest Ford sedan models will be left disappointed by the news that Ford is discontinuing sedans. Despite years of loyal support from drivers of models like the Fusion and Fiesta, the automaker is soon going to be providing American drivers only with trucks, utility vehicles, and commercial vehicles. That means a Ford customer is going to find their options unfairly limited when they visit for their next vehicle, so why are Ford to stop making sedans?

Ford to Stop Making Sedans

By 2020, nearly 90% of Ford’s North American lineup will consist solely of truck, crossover, and SUV models. That means popular vehicles like the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and Taurus will be totally abandoned by 2022 despite many drivers still wanting vehicles in those classes. Only the Ford Mustang will be left.

The Future of Ford Cars

Get Ready for Ford’s ‘White Space Vehicles’

‘White space vehicles’ muddy the waters when it comes to traditional vehicle segments. Instead of providing a full range, white space vehicles jam together the characteristics of many vehicle types. Unfortunately, that means you’re more likely to end up with a vehicle that feels average across the board instead of one that ticks every box – if you want the efficiency and agility of a subcompact, what are you going to do with something the size of an SUV? Ford doesn’t seem to mind.

Of course, sales are skewing in favor of larger vehicles, but abandoning sedans and smaller cars means a sizable demographic is completely disregarded. Dan Neil of the Wall Street Journal wrote in his story “The Real Reason Ford Is Phasing Out Its Sedans” that Ford’s motives were down to how light-truck owners use their vehicles – the issue is that relying on those models for everyday commuting means spending a huge amount on fuel.

Ford White Space Vehicles

An Uncertain Outcome

According to industry analysts, Ford’s decision to fixate on larger vehicles could become a problem when fuel prices start to rise – a small difference in fuel economy now could be much more serious in the future. That’s sure to impact your bank account, and it’s uncertain how any new Ford models would even manage to compete against models American drivers are already committed to, especially since Honda models like the CR-V, Pilot, and HR-V offer lower starting prices and higher fuel economy ratings than the Escape, Explorer, and Edge, the respective Ford counterparts.

General Motors to Cut American Production

General Motors aren’t just withdrawing six sedans from the American marketplace by the end of 2019 – they’re also winding down production across several key areas. GM has announced substantial layoffs and the closure of five facilities across the US. That’s apparently part of their own effort to shift focus to SUVs, hatchbacks, and trucks. Models like the Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Impala, and Chevrolet Volt are set to become extinct.

Honda Will Continue to Provide a Diverse Lineup

Even as other auto manufacturers give up on their cars, Honda is taking the time to go back to the drawing board and reinvent what American drivers already love and appreciate. Whether that means putting eco-friendly models like the ground-breaking Honda Clarity Plug-In and Honda Insight on the road, complementing the legendary Honda Accord with the ultra-efficient Honda Accord Hybrid, or ensuring the Honda Civic Sedan continues to deliver sporty performance, they’re committed to offering the vehicle that suits every kind of driver.

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Honda’s Sedans and Small Cars Are Ready for the Future

Honda’s renewed focus on efficiency and driver choice can be seen across the current lineup of award-winning vehicles. Whether you’re already a fan of Honda sedan models or want to look at something new, don’t hesitate to visit your nearest Mid-Missouri Honda Dealers location today to find out more or arrange a test drive.

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