Honda Focuses on Electrified Vehicles

February 27th, 2017 by

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Taking some exciting strides forward with its “Electrification Initiative,” Honda will soon add to its lineup of electrified vehicles and expand deployment of the company’s two-motor hybrid powertrain.

Electrified Additions

Honda recently announced that 2018 will see the U.S. launch of a new, made-in-America, dedicated Honda hybrid vehicle. In addition, Honda’s two-motor hybrid powertrain will be featured in more vehicles in the very near future.

Currently, Honda’s only hybrid options are passenger cars, but the automaker’s future plans will expand hybrid technology to the company’s lineup of light trucks, as well.

While it is not yet publicly known which Honda light-truck models will be receiving hybrid applications, the announcement has certainly stirred speculation. Some experts have suggested that the Honda CR-V would be a prime candidate for receiving a hybrid upgrade, as a CR-V Hybrid model would be in a position to compete with the Toyota RAV4 hybrid.

Another likely hybrid candidate, experts conjecture, is the Honda Odyssey minivan. Were the Odyssey lineup to get a hybrid addition, it could give Chrysler’s new Pacifica hybrid a run for its money. Another factor making the Odyssey a prime hybrid candidate is the fact that a hybrid version of the Odyssey is already available in the Japanese auto market.

Charged-Up Goals

Honda has set its sights on the goal of generating two-thirds of its vehicle sales from electrified models by 2030. The company also aims to cut CO2 emissions in half by 2050.

Within the next two years, Honda says, about half of the company’s all-new models released in the United States will feature electric-drive technology of some kind.

Honda’s current roster of electrified vehicles includes the Honda Accord Hybrid, the Honda CR-Z Hybrid, and the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. Two more Clarity models, the Clarity Electric and the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid, will be launched in 2017.

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