Honda Stage: Honda Makes Incredible Investment in Music

June 26th, 2014 by

If you haven’t heard of Honda Stage yet, it’s only a matter of time before it finds a way into your lifeā€”or your kids’! Honda Stage is the automaker’s push to become more involved in the everyday lives of millennials who are quickly becoming the generation most in need of new affordable cars.

While they have done well to provide college and military discounts that find particular fans among the youth of today, Honda is also finding that traditional marketing methods aren’t working as well on the digital crowd.

“Breaking through the clutter and reaching younger buyers through traditional advertising is proving more and more difficult in this always-on, digital generation,” said Tom Peyton, assistant vice president of Advertising and Marketing for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Honda is making an even bigger investment in music than ever before. To bring this type of experience to music lovers we had to assemble a program from scratch bringing together both live and online elements that can only be found through Honda Stage.”

Bringing Honda Stage to You

Honda Stage exists to provide music lovers a curated venue both live and online by combining hundreds of exclusive online videos, interview, performance, and news through the dedicated Honda Stage YouTube channel.

YouTube is just one of the venues where you can find Honda Stage, though,which will be distributed via many live concerts, expanded Honda Civic Tours, multiple music channels, and a variety of festival sponsorships.

For those of you who have followed the Honda brand for a while now, you may not be too surprised by this. The Honda Civic Tour is over a decade old now and still going strong, giving drivers and music fans something to bond over. And it looks like it was just the beginning.

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