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Honda Tips and Tricks

Are you shopping for a new SUV in the Jefferson City area? Or maybe you’ve already bought an award-winning CR-V, HR-V, or Pilot? Whether you’re doing more research or you’re looking to learn more about your recent purchase, let the Mid-Missouri Honda Dealers and brand specialist HondaPro Jason show you around our 2018 lineup of crossovers and SUVs. Check out these Honda Tips and Tricks videos that cover everything from equipment functionality to technology features.


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2018 Honda CR-V Tips and Tricks Divider

2018 Honda CR-V Display Audio Touchscreen

2018 CR-V: Display Audio Touchscreen

2018 Honda CR-V Apple CarPlay

2018 CR-V: Apple CarPlay

2018 Honda CR-V Auto On High Beams

2018 CR-V: Auto On High Beams

2018 Honda CR-V Driver Alertness Monitor

2018 CR-V: Driver Alertness Monitor

2018 Honda CR-V Power Tailgate with Adjustable Height

2018 CR-V: Power Tailgate

2018 Honda CR-V Hands-Free Liftgate

2018 CR-V: Hands-Free Liftgate

2018 Honda HR-V Tips and Tricks Divider

2018 Honda HR-V Electric Parking Brake

2018 HR-V: Electric Parking Brake

2018 Honda HR-V Automatic Brake Hold

2018 HR-V: Automatic Brake Hold

2018 Honda HR-V Automatic Tension Seat Belts

2018 HR-V: Automatic Tension Seat Belts

2018 Honda HR-V Magic Seat

2018 HR-V: Magic Seat

2018 Honda HR-V Touchscreen Display

2018 HR-V: Touchscreen Display

2018 Honda HR-V Display Audio Customization

2018 HR-V: Customize Display Audio

2018 Honda Pilot Tips and Tricks Divider

2018 Honda Pilot SiriusXM Radio with Tune Start

2018 Pilot: SiriusXM Radio

2018 Honda Pilot SportsFlash

2018 Pilot: SportsFlash

2018 Honda Pilot USB Ports

2018 Pilot: USB Ports

2018 Honda Pilot Push-Button Access

2018 Pilot: Push-Button Access

2018 Honda Pilot Reversible Hatch Mat

2018 Pilot: Reversible Hatch Mat

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